Top of the Word is a brand new board game designed to create hours of family fun! Think of a cross between Scrabble with Snakes and Ladders!

The idea of the board game is to climb to the TOP OF THE WORD by playing the words starting and ending with the cards you were dealt. Draw N and E? Can you find a word starting with N and ending in E? What about NOSE? Four letters long so you move four places. NATURE would be six. Can you do better?

With hazards to avoid and bonus cards to pick up and help you, there's more to it than just finding the biggest word! Fall on a land slide and you will tumble back down the mountain! Whilst your opponent uses a Double Word Score to breeze past you!

Check out Rules for more details on how Top of the Word is played.

''Fun and engaging for all the family.
 A great learning tool for all ages, helping to improve mental dexterity and vocabulary.
Easy to pick up and play''

Craig Beevers - World Scrabble Champion 2014

The game that encompasses intelligence, knowledge of words and tactics - but is also reliant on luck......one bad turn of the card and all bets are off



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