Just how did ''Top of the Word'' develop?

Consultant Keith McGuinness has helped hundreds of people launch their own business. He knows better than most that a brilliant idea on its own isn’t enough to guarantee success.

The invention has to work….it has to be fun…and it has to be easy to use.

Like countless other dads, Keith has binned new board games before they were even out of the box. The rules and instructions were too complicated even for the brainiest player, let alone the kids.

But Top of the Word is different. Keith developed a basic concept into a simple game for the whole family to enjoy. A game which can be explained in minutes and played for hours. 


The first prototype board (pictured above) was made from the most basic materials. Felt tipped pens, playing cards with labels stuck over to represent the letters. But it provided something that could be played and improved upon.

One of the earliest designs involved players scoring points for the length of their word, and using the dice to determine their movement around the board. The winner being the player who scored the most points when a player reached the top.

This gradually evolved to the gameplay we have now, where there is no scoring at all and the winner is the person who gets to the top first, with the length of the word dictating how many places a player advances.  



The challenge to be the first to the summit and finish the game will mean that you are ‘’TOP OF THE WORLD’’ ….but….who will be the winner next game…


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Top of the Word - the board game for players aged 6 years and older

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