Top of the Word is a game for 2-6 players, for ages 4 to 105. The principle is to be the first to climb 120 squares and reach the summit of the mountain. Thus becoming Top of the Word.

Players take it in turns to draw two cards, a starting letter and an ending letter. The player has up to a minute to find a word which begins with the starting letter and finishes with the ending letter. The player will then advance their playing piece a number of squares based on how many letters are in their word. So if B and D are drawn. Then BAD would advance 3 squares. BOARD would advance 5 squares and so on. If the player can't think of a valid word then they roll two dice and move back down the mountain.

Along the 120 squares there are hazards along the way - rock falls and land slides. Landing on a rock fall means rolling one die and going back down the mountain. As you get higher towards the summit the rock falls become land slides and you instead roll two dice. Players can land on multiple rock falls and land slides, meaning they go tumbling down the mountain!

To help you along the way there are five bonus card squares. Landing on these means you draw a bonus card which can be used on any future turn. These include Reverse Letters, Change a Letter, Mountain Rescue (to save you from dropping down on rock falls and land slides) and Double Word Score. 


We had great success with games being bought all over England - there are copies now in Spain, France, Canada and even one game reaching New Zealand!

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Top of the Word - the board game for players aged 6 years and older

Top of the Word is spreading fast...   Over 750 copies now sold - be one of the lucky people to own a first edition

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